Big Announcement! Store Closing July 31st.

We love our customers and community however it is with mixed feelings that we are closing The Dancing Weasel Toy Store July 31st.

Our little shop in the last year has experienced people changing their buying habits. We understand. However the effect has made it hard for us to keep going and so we made the decision to close.

We are sad about this. But we are also happy too because that means Danita will retire (which is what she has been wanting to do and hang out with her grandkiddos) and Aya can concentrate on her family.

We know you have questions so here are some of the ones that have been asked already.

Question = Why are you closing?
Answer = Buying habits are changing and so is marketing.

Question = Do you advertise?
Answer = Yes. In print, internet, radio, promotional material with partnered organizations and schools as well as fundraising events, and sponserships.

Question = What are you going to do now?
Answer = Danita will retire. Aya has no clue what she’s going to do but thinks it’s an adventure!

Question = How do you feel about closing?
Answer = Aya and Danita feel ok about it. They feel happy-sad.

Question = Will you be having a sale?
Answer = At the moment we are encouraging people to shop at regular prices because we have bills to pay. We appreciate your support in helping us through this transition.

Question = Will you be selling store fixtures?
Answer = Yes! We have some great wood and metal fixtures. They are perfect for home or business. We will post photos when we can.

Local author Lory Britain wrote a fabulous book I’m Happy-Sad Today. It’s about making sense of mixed-together feelings and this book perfectly reflects how we are feeling about closing. By the way, if you want a copy we suggest coming in right away to get yours before we run out.