About Us

Once upon a long time ago…

Actually a year and a half ago, on a warm summer day, Danita and Aya were watching Aya’s kids play in the backyard. As they sat there they discussed their current predicament.

You see, a few years prior, Aya was frustrated in finding dependable childcare and Danita, after some thought, decided to help Aya out and take on the role. As Danita scaled back on her work load, they became increasingly aware that Aya’s unpredictable work hours were never going to stabilize.

So here they were, sitting in the backyard on that beautiful summer day talking about this situation. The next thing anyone knew they were talking about inventing your own job and what would that be and if you are going to invent your own job why not open your own business and be your own boss? That’s pretty exciting, but what kind of business? There was plenty of pondering and tossing around different types of business ideas.

But the one that stood out the most was a toy store. They love kids, they like to play games, they love to teach so why not?Dancing Weasel Toy Store Logo

And so with their joint experiences and their enthusiastic attitudes they decided to open and run a business together and this is how “The Dancing Weasel Toy Store” was conceived. Long and hard they both worked on their business plan and now what was once a dream has now become a reality.

Now you might be wondering how in the world did they come up with the name “The Dancing Weasel?” As it so happened, Aya’s oldest was taking dance class and her youngest’s affectionate nickname is “Weasel” (due to her natural curiosity and fearless character hence “you little weasel get out of there”) and the combination is what inspired them to give the business it’s fun, playful name.

This is the end of the first chapter of the amazing story of “The Dancing Weasel Toy Store.” We hope to include many more chapters in the near future and throughout the coming years. Come on by and visit us. We’d love to show you some really great toys.


Mother & Daughter Co-Owners!


Aya Lyddon

Aya, a mother of 3, has worked in the retail world going on 13 years. Most of her retail experience has been in some form of management. Over the years she has gained an intimate knowledge of how to set sales, budget, forecast sales and payroll, merchandise allocations, receiving product and product placement, cash handling procedures, loss prevention, and excellent customer service.

Owning her own business was a dream come true and she is excited not only to be running it but also to be playing in it. It has been reported that the two older children are more excited about it than anyone.


Danita Reynolds

With a degree in Graphic Design, Danita has added marketing and website design to her assortment of creative skills. She moved from corporate work to working with small businesses on helping them with their marketing and creative needs. She has years of experience with store promotional materials, in-store signage, branding, traditional marketing, and social media marketing.

Danita, mother of two,  is excited to “work” in the toy store. She’s looking forward to learning the ropes through Aya and feels that with their combined efforts they can make this toy store a great community resource.