Global Green Pals

We LOVE these award winning dolls!

This American-based company is committed to creating safe, eco-friendly, educational toys that inspire children towards positive world action and becoming young eco-ambassadors of tomorrow.→ Read More

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Green Tones!

Hohner’s eco-friendly ”Green Tones” have arrived! 

We’ve been waiting to get our hands on these music toys as soon as Hohner was done creating them.→ Read More

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Journal Writing/Drawing

Journaling is a great way to inspire writing (and drawing too). Plain white pages can be intimidating and may contribute to writer’s block as it can be hard to suddenly come up with ideas to write about so we suggest looking for journals that have leading sentences that help guide the writer (or artist) to start writing on the page immediately.→ Read More

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We Help Raise Funds For Schools

Community is important to us and as a way to give back to our community The Dancing Weasel Toy Store is offering local Schools the opportunity to raise funds by participating in our “Play Back” Program.→ Read More

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Green Toys

Green Toys Inc.

We LOVE Green Toys Inc. because all their toys are made from 100% recycled milk jugs, they have minimal packaging (all of their boxes use as little material as possible).→ Read More

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My Best Friend – Doll Sewing Kit

Made by My StudioGirl, these super cute sew-your-own dolls stand at 12″ tall when finished. With easy step by step instructions and a blunt plastic needle for 8 and up (or younger with adult help) these doll kits come with everything including stuffing.→ Read More

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Our Newsletter!

Our newsletter is where you can get announcements about new toys from your favorite toy companies, learn about what we are up to, get special coupons, get birthday reminders (sign your kiddo up), announcements about winter/summer hours and other changes, and more.→ Read More

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Gift Wrapping and Gift Certificates!

We totally know how busy you are and that’s why we offer free gift wrapping with your purchase. Our affordable cool toys make excellent gifts so why not let us wrap it up for you too!→ Read More

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