Journal Writing/Drawing

Journaling is a great way to inspire writing (and drawing too). Plain white pages can be intimidating and may contribute to writer’s block as it can be hard to suddenly come up with ideas to write about so we suggest looking for journals that have leading sentences that help guide the writer (or artist) to start writing on the page immediately. A bonus for parents and caregivers is that when the journal is finished it makes a fantastic keepsake to be cherished for years to come.


Here are some websites with tips, tricks and techniques to help you get your kids started with journaling.

Super Teacher Worksheets: This website also had a ton of other resources too.

Waddle-Ah-Chaa: This is another website full of resources.

Rusty and Rosy: Great tips on how to teach children how to journal.

Teaching Kids How: More information about getting kids into journaling.

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