We LOVE This Calm Down Kit!

The Calm Down Kit was inspired and created by local Krista Shultz’s work as a behavior specialist for preschoolers. She has used these brain-calming techniques in this kit with great success for many years.
What’s in the Kit?

  • The book, “I Can Calm Down”, which uses beautiful photographs and simple words to walk children through 3 common brain-calming techniques in a fun, soothing way.
  • A parent instruction booklet. Many parents don’t have time to read all the wonderful parenting books out there, so this booklet summarizes the key reasons why children have tantrums and the reasons why the brain-calming techniques work better than punishments such as time-outs. Included in the booklet are lists of resources on parenting books recommended by the parents Krista works with and books for children about emotions and feelings that she has seen to be the most effective.
  • Squeeze Pillow made by Etsy’s own CozyPack.
  • Pustefix Bubbles. German made and recommended by her parents and co-workers as being the best. (We also carry these bubbles in the store.)
All is conveniently stored in a organic cotton draw-string pouch.

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